Lewis Furey


Kinda Shy

words & music Lewis Furey

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here we come
'round again
everyone wants to be friends
with the firefly babies
...so brave
we're so very wonderful
bouncing off the proverbial wall
better take two man
we're small

sometimes we feel so dismissed
just like peanuts in the old abyss
but then we see it coming through
we know just what we can do
on a limb, hanging ten
here we come, 'round again

ooh my my, ooh my my
are you the diamond in my sky
...so brave
ooh my my, ooh my my
am i the apple in your eye
am i your firefly

we want what we want and we want it fast
any old thing for a laugh, ha ha
we want what we want and we don't care how
we're ready to do it with any old cow
the stage is set, take a bow
feeling like the cat's meeow