Lewis Furey


The Waltz

words & music Lewis Furey

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when she let me fall
into her arms
she let me fall
through empty space
my longing for
those charms my sweet
is going to scar my face

ah now look at my heart
my heart's going to burst
my lust is sickening thirst
baby it's all much too serious

it's three long years
since first we met
just look the tables
are turned around
once she had eyes
only for me
we had each other all over town

the carousel
spins so fast
my golden horse can't last
baby it's all much too serious

i'm not going to wait
for the lady's permission
to enter her heart
and feel the pain
i'm not going to count
on you my sweet
to share my boredom or shame

you're not a teacher
you're just a lover
if i didn't have you
you can bet i'd have another
baby it's all much too serious

am i delirious
am i delirious