Lewis Furey


Lorca in three movements

words & music Lewis Furey

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who'se that girl, who is she
who do i want her to be
is she warm, or is she cold

put her in the candlelignt
like a rembrandt posed just right
i'll paint her like a child
no, i'll paint her old

i want a creature wild and free
freer than she dares to be
a woman from the very beginning of time
a hunter panther in her prime

please sir, why can't you see
love is soft and easy
that's no panther laying in your bed

stop that don't you love her
why must you uncover
all her secrets, protect her instead

i know there's trouble lurking in the wings
they want to take my private things
i feel there's something brewing in the cast
they all are moving much too fast

the lights are shining in my eyes
he wants to take me by surprise
i smell his trap i smell his snare
no one will ever catch me let him try

he'll never dare

i feel the wind blow through my hair
it's breath is sweet beyond compare
i love the wind, the wind loves me
together we are faster than
you thought we ought to be

oh, darling please don't go
i always loved you don't you know
i love you when you're warm
or when you're cold

the jungle whispers so tenderly
the fruits all give themselves to me
the river laughs as it tickles my feet
the fish leap out for me to eat

i feel the wind blow through my hair
it's breath is sweet beyond compare
i live the wind, the wind loves me

stop that don't you love her oo love her
stop that don't you love her oo love her

this will never do
no never do
it will never do
he will never do

all singing
together we are faster
we are fast
as we can be

stop, please stop
don't move, don't go

i want her still and statuesque
my little puppet
do a little burlesque
i got a taste now for the inanimate

stiller calmer her form defines
the perfect woman
with the perfect lines
stand up straighter
hold your neck up,
that's it

i mustn't move too hastily
he want's to pose me, look
he wants to take me

how uncomfortable

don't make a peep
almost asleep
i move my lips
he captivates, he holds me fixed

he likes me like a barbie doll
or a spectacular butterfly
pinned on his wall

how uncomfortable

upon command
i sit and stand
i'm under wraps
bound in pearls
and diamond straps

would you like to hear her cry
sweeter than a lullaby
would you like to hear her beg and pray

hear her say that she loves me
hear her say she longs to be
always good and ready to obey

bitrate chorus
look how he cons you
he tells you he really loves you
he swears it is true love
what you always wanted
he says that you love him
he really lays it on
believe us, believing is all too easy

he conned me, he told me
he swore it was true love
he said that i loved him
believe me, believing

i like her when she's pale and thin
worn and tired, i take her in
her eyes are bigger, softer, wider
i can hide her

it's all so easy!

i'm all alone. i'm nothing anymore
you can't touch me i'm too dark
like an abandoned amusement park
my wounds are much too sore

i'm all alone. i sink into a chair
the bed's too damp, i cannot sleep
i've torn my pillow i've ripped my sheet
i imagine a stranger and i stare

i'm all alone everyone is dead
why have they abandoned me
why has life so branded me
the line gets thinner that i tread
i pull the blanket over my head