Lewis Furey


Happy's in town (orchestrated for violin,viola & bass clarinet)

words & music Lewis Furey

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happy's in town

hide your troubles, hide your fears

happy's in town

the pleasure principle appears

happy's excited, the fuse is ignited

there's tingling nerves

watch for the curves, boys

happy's in love

you are the love
she serves

happy goes light

treads on delicate delight

happy goes wild

turns the man into a child

hoist up the rafters 
and lift up the roof beams

as happy steps out

jumps like the trout, boys

up on your feet

laugh and you weep no doubt

happy i'm sad again

the whole world's gone mad again
happy you're free as a jazz
dreamer's sleepless night

free as a dazzling jewel
in the bright light

can someone help me?

why can't happy

help me happy!