Lewis Furey


Michael's Theme / I've Counted What I Have

words & music Lewis Furey

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I've counted what I have; it's not enough
And what I need I do not dare to say.
I've heard the soul is diamond in the rough
That pain must polish it to a bright display;
But mine is diamond dust that's blown away.
And covered up the world with glittering -
Come back my soul, I cry, it won't obey,
And I'm the empty shape of everything ...
Come back my soul, come back to me I sing.

Come, sleeper to the window, do you know
Us now? Have we changed? Have you seen us here
Before? Do you remember long ago
You summoned us across the high frontier
Of sleep, and bid us urgently appear.
You called, we came, we waited every night,
Like crystals in solution coming clear,
Until your dream was sharp enough and bright
To waken you with stabs of appetite

Is this my miracle of bread and fishes?
This the mystery of answered prayer?
Is this my table laid with golden dishes?

Let us not say prayer, let's just say wishes.