Lewis Furey


The Sky is Falling

words & music Lewis Furey

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The sky is falling
The sky is falling

I'm outa luck 
little red firetruck

stuck in the muck

I'm on the lam 

I'm Tarazan

 bound to please

Just like any other cherub

lined up down on his bended knees

I'm Oliver Twist
listen to me Sir

I've got a little list

I'm William Tell 
take aim before me lies

heaven or hell

roped and tied

Just like any other cow
 for the iron to seer his hide

I'm a little pin -

watching the angels dancing

all over him

I'm a cup of tea 
in the dregs of me

a prophesy

 bound to die

the very telling of it

makes me feel kinda shy

 bound to please

Calculatedly bound to please
Master of light,
another follow spot on my flying
flying trapeze