Lewis Furey


Saucy Lictors

words & music Lewis Furey

...an Egyptian puppet
shall be shown In Rome...

Mechanic slaves,
with greasy aprons,
rules, and hammers,
shall uplift us to the view.

In their thick breaths,
rank of gross diet,
shall we be enclouded,
and forc'd to drink their vapour.

(Sounds of voices — denials)
No... no, madame... no!

Nay, 'tis most certain...

Saucy lictors
will catch at us like strumpets,
And scald rhymers
ballad us out o' tune.

The quick comedians
extemporally will stage us,
and present
our Alexandrian revels.

Antony shall be brought drunken forth,
And I shall see
some squeaking Cleopatra
boy my greatness
i' th' posture of a whore!

Cross fade to...