Lewis Furey



words & music Lewis Furey

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Take a chance

Dear Lewis, isn't she the one
you want to live with in the sun?
Look at her, she so sweet,
got such pretty feet.

But you're a raggedy-ann
You're a regular wreck.
You just rock around the clock
You're gonna break your neck.
Ribald, raging, ravaging, you run -
A diamond dealing man,
Isn't that fun?

Take a chance

Ah honey, she's so fine.
someone's gonna say, Susie be mine
Listen to the girl, how she sings –
Daddy says she's growing wings.

Stars are born so fresh and glittering
She is young and quivering
But you're dressing in silks and satins this year –
the Princes of the Mafia call you their dear.

Take a chance

And well we know how you lie to yourself.
Like you've lied so many times before.
Just a guy who's got ants in his pants –
Who always want that crazy last dance.

Dear Lewis, I'm writing you this letter
hoping that you're going to get yourself together.
Think you've fucked around enough for one day –
Try romance, get carried away.