Lewis Furey


Clarabelle's lament

words & music Lewis Furey

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Taken, I've been taken and misshapen.
Is this the part that I'm to play;
is this the girl I'm to betray?
I'm your prisoner, poke and shove me,
Place the sword above me:
I've destroyed the one who loves me.

Mistaken, forsaken, sadly misshapen
The toppling dominos and screens
got me dodging through these fitful dreams.
How my lips are blue and thin -
I once more shed my skin
and a naked snake comes slithering in.

A rabbit lamely hops,
the wolf's licking his chops -
I've got a feeling in my gut no one dares adopt.
They're rounding up the cattle,
you hear the slaughterhouse death-rattle -
once again the antler horns lock in battle.

See I'm scrambled up inside
I've been taken on a terrible ride.
Is this the part that I'm to play,
am I to betray the only one to ever say
that she loves me?